Monday, June 10, 2013


That familiar email sound just got a little sweeter…it’s my favorite email of the day!  It arrives like clockwork every day around 11:50 am from the Gilt Groupe.  The Gilt Groupe provides instant access to top designer labels at up to 60% off retail if you’re a member!

Today’s bargains are Balenciaga, Rachel Zoe and accessories for under $75, among other name brand deliciousness.  This opportunity is the reason that I was awkwardly and anxiously backing away from a friendly colleague, trying to chat after our 11 am meeting.  With much excitement and great anticipation, I rush back to my desk to log on, and to my dismay EVERYTHING good is sold out already!  How could this be? I glance at my clock and of course, now it makes sense—it’s 12:10 pm. Those ten minutes trying to get away from my colleague have cost me the opportunity to snag the items I want. Grrr.

Have any of you ever experienced this problem?  Well, I can’t get those Chloe sunglasses from yesterday to magically reappear in your shopping cart, but I can offer some helpful tips on making the most of your Gilt experience. Here they are, give them a try and let me know if it improves your experience!

  • Try to be at your computer, ready to shop, at 11:58 AM!
  • Once you receive the email log on to the site and at exactly 11:59 am start refreshing the site. 
  • Once all the boutiques open, quickly add everything available that you could POSSIBLY want in your size and put it in your shopping cart.   Do NOT waste time thinking about it at this stage–GET IT IN YOUR CART FIRST!
  • You will then only have 10 minutes or less to evaluate the contents of your shopping cart and make the final decisions. 

The goal is to throw everything in your cart ASAP while they are still available and then to maximize your time deciding if you want what’s in your cart.  Whether you can afford it or not, that is a different problem that I can’t help you with! 


  1. You sound like a pro Jenelle. Thanks for the shopping tips.

  2. Anytime!! Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, lol... I am sure my husband is not thrilled.

  3. How fun, I am definitely going to subscribe to get emails from them!60% off is a huge bargain. thanks for the share.

    1. It's an amazing site and I LOVE it!! Here is a referral link below:
      make sure you don't go crazy shopping!!

  4. You sound like everyone's dream partner when it comes to shopping. You can shop for me anytime.
    I wish I could be at my computer at that time. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Ha! Actually you are probably better off! I will do your shopping whenever just because I love to shop! I guess that's just women in general!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I used to shop on Gilt but by the time I decided if I liked something, the item was gone. I should try your techniques and see if i have better luck!